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An opportunity in corona times

What’s going on with the global corona situation, here is an opportunity to look at the things.
The first thing that should be pointed out is that I believe that things don’t just happen to us, that we are not victims of our circumstances, but that things happen for us and circumstances serve us. The physical reality as we perceive it is a projection of our consciousness. Everything that happens is a manifestation of our consciousness, manifested and created by us and our higher self to serve us and for our growth. Everyone for himself and at a higher level through all human consciousness together.
The greater the contrast in our experience, the fiercer the struggle, the greater the chance for growth and expansion. The harder we fall, the greater the chance of getting back on our feet afterward. With the global corona crisis, we have a great opportunity to move up to the next level, to make a real leap forward. The worldwide epidemic is a kick in the butt of humanity, an attempt by nature to nudge us in the direction of a better and more mature consciousness to become more successful in the future.
We can see very different cases of circumstances and consternation, some are affected by health, others in lacking money and still, others are at risk of losing their jobs and some insecure and without helpful answers. These are all very different aspects but they all have the same topic in the background, there is no solution by hard exertion, by action or by trying to figure out.
A lot of people are already talking about a human paradigm shift, an upcoming change from the old to the new. What distinguishes these two paradigms in their way, is that we rely heavily on effort, action and hard work in the old paradigm. However, the further we feed the new paradigm, the less effective these things will be, we move into a new paradigm by being able to learn to rely more on our inner voice and our higher self.
Success will no longer depend only on mental alignment and relations, but also on a productive vibration/frequency, trust in inner guidance, a clear focus and a strong intention and the ability to allow things to be regulated and problems to be solved by source itself. The situation with the Coronavirus is certainly not a suitable way to continue to solve the problems with old tried methods, we have to develop the ability to sit back, relax and indulge in things, to be in positive alignment and to rely on positive orientation, which is the key to success. A positive direction and vibration is the way into the physical reality in which we want to live in the future. I think the current situation can serve people to learn how to listen to their inner voice and how to be positive because there are only two ways to react.
Option one is to immerse yourself in fears and give the things we don’t want more momentum by paying attention to them.
Or there is option two, we take our energetic orientation more seriously, step back, let things happen and switch into receiving mode, open ourselves to the positive aspects, trust in our inner guidance, learn to be more careful in the future and to manifest better circumstances, both as individuals and as a community. A great opportunity and an exciting time to learn new things, to grow and to replace old paradigms to get into a new humanity.

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