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Three Treasures, energetically through programmed Audios

An easy way to increase your proper energy level is trough music and different types of Audio-Tracks like Binaural Beats, Subliminals, forms of Hypnosis stuff, etc. or nature sounds.

The You-Tube-Playlist I present you today is made up of 6 Audio-Tracks from Sapien-Medicine, a YouTube-Channel dedicated to creating programmed audios for health and energy-related topics of all kind. In the playlist below, you will find all the videos he made to support the Taoist energy principles of the three treasures.

To explain in very short form the energetic principles of the three treasures of life. This expression is from the Taoist principles of the Inner Alchemy practice. The energy-treasures are called jing (essence), chi (energy), and shen (spirit). The practitioner learns to transform Jing into Qi into Shen—the so-called “path of transmutation”—and also to transform Shen into Qi into Jing—the “path of generation” or “path of manifestation.”

The video series of Sapien Medicine is designed, saying it short, to automate the inner alchemy practice in your body. I think it will depend on your sensitivity or energy awareness if the video gives you huge or tiny effects. Especially the third video helped me a lot to restore when I had a bad kidney injury in 2018/2019. My body literally soaked the frequencies in, it definitely had a notable impact on my energy system when I was very weak.

I recommend to listen to the whole playlist once before going to bed or when relaxing on the sofa to give your body extra support for balancing and restoring energy. The audios you can listen on very low volume, headphones are not needed, but I do sometimes prefer when meditating with these tracks. Some people maybe don’t like the tones of this video, I definitely do, give it a try and as I said before, you don’t have to listen to it loud. Try to feel the change 🙂 I Hope you find that helpful.

Playslist on the You-Tube Channel
  1. Chi Compression into Bone Marrow [… An ancient Taoist practice that uses this life force to restore health and give strength to the bones, is ‘Bone Breathing’. The practice uses breathing and visualization to bring more healing Chi into the bones and joints. This Video/Audio, automates that process for you, by using energy/psychic work, frequency programming, etc. Listening to this will compress that chi into your bone marrow to rejuvenate and energize you…. original text from the original video ]
  2. Chi Compression in Lower Dan Tien [Dan Tien is one of three energy centers in the body. It is most important for martial artists and energy practitioners. … All power that mobilizes the body originates from the Dan Tien. Of all the areas in the human body, the Dan Tien is most important to spirituality because it is the source of vitality and health. It helps you to become magnetic, have greater stamina, be stable, vibrant, strong-willed, and have abundant health. This Video/Audio, automates that process for you, by using energy/psychic work, frequency programming etc. Listening to this will compress that chi into your lower Dan Tien to supercharge your being with power….. original text from the original video ]
  3. Jing Restoration [Jing is where all of our energy comes from; it is the precursor to Qi and the key to a healthy, happy life lived aligned with our heart’s purpose. Jing is consumed throughout our lives by our daily activities and it is said that we die when our Jing becomes too low. The rate of depletion of our Jing is closely related to how well we look after ourselves. This video compresses jing into your internal organs (brain not included) especially the kidneys…… original text from the original video ]
  4. Shen Energy [….Excessive behaviors, including too much thinking, can lead to spiritual exhaustion and disconnection from one’s Prenatal Shen. What this video does due to its energetic/psychic/morphic programming is to enhance the connection and also engorge shen into your body and being. (especially heart and brain areas)…… original text from the original video ]
  5. Automated Micro Cosmic Orbit [Following Taoist traditions, this does an automated version of the micro cosmic orbit, what it will exactly do is carry the energy from your lower dan tien to your base then circulates it upwards, using the channels in the back of your body, to your crown, then back down to your dan tien using the front channels (this is explained in the simplest of ways, for easy understanding) What this does is clarify and clean your energy system, while helping to develop your own system and energy flow. Do not over use, it does a complete circulation per listen, start small, use it once or twice at most per day. You may feel a little tired afterwards, but as your system develops, it becomes a lot better. Also a lot has been in place to make it safe and to maximize the benefits. original text from the original video ]
  6. Transmutation of Lower and basal Energy [What the programming in this will do, is; work towards transmuting all the lower and basal energies into a higher vibrational ‘spiritual’ energy. It does not change your thinking patterns, but a higher type energy can influence that. Always be mindful of your ego as well. This should complete the internal alchemy series. Use as often as you need.original text from the original video ]
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