Free Distance Healing Session

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Free Distance Healing of the
‘Back to the Origin’-Sessions

“Back to the Origin” is a worldwide unique course, which was created by the intuitive Andreas Goldemann.
Andreas has the gift, to loosening through sound, movement, and reflection,
the negative emotions from your musculoskeletal system, your organs, and your energy system.

just a short sample of his voice and how it sounds

Short 3-minutes Re-connecting Mantra for tuning in and open up your channel :))

About the 60 Minutes Session:

You’re might have tried already a distance healing, I also did, a lot of them. Some therapies were quite convincing until a certain point, but I never got this big-Aha effect, until I tried the Healing-Series from Andreas.

The most surprising as a coach and adviser, I always check new content on the market, so I did with him, and my stiff neck unblocked meanwhile I was washing dishes, listening to him only half ear 9,30 in the morning.

My neck, my jaw, and scrag released quite quickly longtime tensions, how amazing, really Mindblowing.

Fortunately, today I can share with you a free Masterclass and Distance Healing Session with this amazing guy. 

This class and Healing Session is designed to help you stand out even in the most crowded creative niche. Read on and check out the video description below for a look at what he’ll teach you and what the healing will do for you.


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Here’s what he’ll be teaching and doing in his 60 min. ‘Healing’ – Masterclass…

The video is build up as a 60 minutes Masterclass in which within, there are nearly 40 minutes of the video dedicated to your healing and your Blueprint restructuring. It’s an interview between Elena Angel, a British transformational Lifecoach and Andreas Goldemann, an intuitive healer and spiritual adviser.

01-08. min: introduction Healing Background of Andreas Goldemann

08.-12. min: Andreas will explain to you, how emotions get stuck in the body, and how does the negative emotion influence negatively on your health

12.-17. min.: He will explain to you, how he connects with the personal Blueprint of a person per video message, and how the healing process takes place in this case

17.min.: The healing session starts here if you want to skip directly or reuse the video to re-stabilize your proper energy field. This introducing session is intended to provoke an energetical atlas correction,

at first he’ll bring you in a kind of prepared state of reception, and then guides you through a process of some kind of spine-correction and tense release on a emotional and cellular level.

45. min.: Andreas and Elena turn back to chat about experiencing the session and a little more about the life vision and the benefits of his treatments

I hope you’ll enjoy!



Andreas Goldemann, Intuitive, has been working in his field of work for over 20 years.

As an intuitive, he perceives disharmony or imbalances on the physical as well as the emotional level in individuals or groups and then gives appropriate impulses to initiate a positive change.

Andreas’s specialties in group work are the release of negative, stored emotions, energetic spine erection, the revival of the main CHI / life force, and thus the energetic, spiritual upliftment of the individual.

Andreas’s use of an old druid soul langue that helps restore the natural order of the body, mind, and soul, is unique. He also succeeded in recording his intuitive work on video in time and spaceless manner that allows his clients to experience the same depth of change and effects as a live group, no matter where they are and what time they watch the video.

As he created a powerful energy field through the repetitious use of his abilities, you can, once familiar with the process, step easily into this field and allow the activation of your self-healing power, just by focussing your mind on the content of Andreas Healing Sessions. Each video of his program will allow you to activate different areas of your energy fields. Just step into it, my advice for an even higher approach.

I hope the experience will help you to heal and to lighten up your life.

Still any question?

Well I think, there is not much more to say about so far, I think you should experience it, before asking a further question. It’s something to experience on the physical level to understand.

Here is a little self-disclosure. Hello, I’m Anne, spiritual coach and counselor for healing and awareness raising. Born in northern Germany, I’ve been living in Spain for 14 years. For 10 years I have mainly been dealing with the topics of neurobiology, quantum physics, reality design and alternative healing methods and techniques. I am a certified life coach since 2019 and that year I also decided to bundle my passion and knowledge on a homepage to recommend interesting offers that can be found worldwide to my fellow human beings.
During my research, I always benefited from my multilingualism. The sector of alternative healing, shaping reality and spirituality is often formed by language, pity many good therapists, healers or coaches can only be found in their language and are then often unknown to many other language groups. Which is a real shame, because so far I have been able to find real healer gems in all of the languages ​​I have mastered. I want to stimulate an information flow and exchange, so I try to cross translate to explain the tools in multiple languages ​​to make them accessible to as many people as possible. I hope my experience and knowledge help people to get into the self-healing process and to broaden their range of experiences. Thank you for being here. Namaste….

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